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That was good, I liked the humor and the little things you put in the background, like when he was saying his gf worked for him already, hahah. Anyways, I think its really good, the animation is kinda jumpy at times, but other than that its great. Keep up the good work! :D

BaconMask responds:

Haa haa, yeah... I try to smooth it out as much as I can... even after 2 years I'm still gettin' the hang of Flash. Thanks a lot!


This is pretty good. But, the mouths dont line up to the words and its reallly annoying. As for the other reviewer who said this was propaganda, DUH, He said so in his comment! If it makes you feel better, I doubt you were his target audience though. Good job on the flash, fix the mouths next time though :)

DjMinge responds:

Did ya think that dude actually realised it was a recruiting vid?? anyway cheers for the review. I changed my style completely for this one to cater more for the people who will end up watching it. thanks again


Funny idea, the animation was a tad jumpy, Id probably use a higher frame rate if I were you. Also, it seemed like some of your delays were a little long. This may not be much to you or I, but a lot of people have VERY short attention spans so keep that in mind. The sound was great, stereo! It was very refreshing compared to the poor quality sound often heard on NG. Good job.


I like this, good for randomness. I love your style, keep making stuff.


I see promise, this would be great with some color and bgs. Pretty decents animating for a first movie, looks like you have a pretty good grasph on anatomy and perspective, good job.

pretty funny

This was pretty funny and your style is great. Although, it seemed like the music faded out a little bit too early quite a bit. Also, you could have added some text or something, trying to show the whole idea that its a day in the life of him, because its a little hard to see where your going(especialy if you miss the beginning title thing). Overall pretty good though.


That was pretty funny, anything homestarrunner usualy is. The only thing is, you could have done a little more with it I think. Overall though it was pretty funny, but when she was talking on the phone in the beginning, her lips were off.


Well I hate to say it but...this looks an awful lot like Tomorrows Nobodies...I mean you even do basicaly the same thing in the opening credits they do and the whole topic seems to be quite similar. Also, when the guy walked in his legs didnt move..bouncing up and down is ok if you dont show their legs, but if you do, they should move...at least a little, how much more work could it be? And the second guy's head seems to misteriously change direction...You should show it moving or something and usualy when some ones talking they look at the person they're talking to. All things you could improve pretty easily...so do it next episode :)

AntiClockClock responds:

I will improve on things for sure, the funny thing is that I wasn't thinking of TN at all! I haven't seen those toons in such a long time and whats funny to me is that my character "Dave" looks similar to "David" from TN. Maybe that name just goes well with rocker guys. lol

Nice start

Not too bad, kind of short though. And I think you may have over used the fade-in/fade-out effect..


The flash was done pretty well except for the words in the middle of it..They went by too fast to read which rendered them virtualy pointless. And you should probably double check some of those facts you stated. As for your "big brother" paranoia...that stuff has been going on for years, the patriot act just means they can use it as evidence. And your "war against a concept", Im guessing your solution would have been to look Bin Laden in the face and say "Hehe you got me!"? But thats just your views...flash was good other than the words that went by too fast..unless you were just trying to send subliminal messages.

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