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S.A.M.V. 5 S.A.M.V. 5

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


That was good, I liked the humor and the little things you put in the background, like when he was saying his gf worked for him already, hahah. Anyways, I think its really good, the animation is kinda jumpy at times, but other than that its great. Keep up the good work! :D

BaconMask responds:

Haa haa, yeah... I try to smooth it out as much as I can... even after 2 years I'm still gettin' the hang of Flash. Thanks a lot!


Rated 1.5 / 5 stars


This is pretty good. But, the mouths dont line up to the words and its reallly annoying. As for the other reviewer who said this was propaganda, DUH, He said so in his comment! If it makes you feel better, I doubt you were his target audience though. Good job on the flash, fix the mouths next time though :)

DjMinge responds:

Did ya think that dude actually realised it was a recruiting vid?? anyway cheers for the review. I changed my style completely for this one to cater more for the people who will end up watching it. thanks again

Neighbourhood Sasq-Watch Neighbourhood Sasq-Watch

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars


Funny idea, the animation was a tad jumpy, Id probably use a higher frame rate if I were you. Also, it seemed like some of your delays were a little long. This may not be much to you or I, but a lot of people have VERY short attention spans so keep that in mind. The sound was great, stereo! It was very refreshing compared to the poor quality sound often heard on NG. Good job.

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Robots Attack Robots Attack

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


This is pretty nice. I don't know if you made the sprites from scratch or what, but they were pretty cool. One thing I would change would be to hide the mouse, it kinda gets annoying. Also, things are kinda..big? Its hard to explain but its hard to navigate such a big character, maybe make it smaller? Or make the window bigger? I dunno though, it was just a bit hard to play for me. Other than that, its great. Oh and I dont think you need a mature rating for this(at least not as far as I got). Good job.

GameBalance responds:

Oh. I tryied to hide mouse. It's good if you are allready good at control in this game. But it's prettty bad for beginners. Perhaps I'll made option to hide it somewhen...

KoolMoves Tutorial (1of3) KoolMoves Tutorial (1of3)

Rated 0.5 / 5 stars


Well. This really sucked. For one, its annoying to read your shorthand speak of "u"'s and "y"s. And I really wouldn't refer to yourself as a pro just yet. And don't diss your reviewers for not making flash, when you only made two others that seem to be newb porn rip offs(not that some of the "adult" flash isnt well made mind you) and are both disabled for admin review. You really shouldn't make tutorials if you cant fully understand and put to use the basic concepts you are trying to teach. And overloading your flash with dinky scripts(such as the bugged mouse..) wont make it any better. You need a lot more practice. As far as other things go..there really isn't much need for flash tutorials of this kind, as plenty of great ones are already out there and on this site for that matter. But if you MUST, organize your content better, and a flash of that limitedness shouldnt be 2mb. Poorly compressed music maybe? What ever the case, it wasn't worth the load and you'll be lucky if people stick around. Get some practice, and submit some real content. I wish you better luck next time.

tTLight-SephirothTt responds:

First off buddy Boy i dont refer to myself as a pro i'm no pro second of dont put me down for my work the best you could think of was creat-o-muffin i played it not much to do i made a decent flash and you hit right of the bat of jealousy dont hate me just because im teaching people would you rather see stick figures in the portal all day i really dont think so im not trying to be rude to you or my reveiwers buddy but i am new at flash when you created your first movie it probly was a horrible sight and blammed at first site for being a stick or nasty gay porno without action scripting or motion scripting i wasent trying to get you to come in and assume i was a pro because i admit im not and tutorials are about basics for the newer fans and newer flash makers im trying to help and limitedness is not even a word i think it goes like this ,and flash of that LIMIT Should'nt or should NOT Be The File Size Of 2MB not 2mb and talk about u's and y's plz find a better selfish remark then that next time

the game. (halloween's ve the game. (halloween's ve

Rated 4 / 5 stars


Really great job, the crane idea is awesome, and the graphics are nice. Runs really smooth too. Hope you get front page.